Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dinner at Mine, We're Eating Out

I just read an article in The Sunday Times Style Magazine reporting on the launch of a new site - Housebites, which lets restaurant chefs home deliver their delicacies to your door, apparently the 'etsy of cuisine' and reels off lists of the ivy, fifteen and le caprice as restaurants the chefs you can buy from have previously worked at.
so far so appealing, but locality is always going to be an issue. unlike etsy where one off prints and hand made vases can be delivered all over the country, the internet isn't making this concept any more accessible for those outside the M25 barrier. You would think it is the people who live so far away from these famed restaurants, but still have the money and taste that location cannot take away that would really utilise this service. And for those inside it, whats the appeal?
Attention is drawn in the article to the cheaper prices this home service offers - charging as little as a third of the price of the dine in experience. My first issue with this would be, i wouldn't expect any less. Should i thank you gracefully for charging me less, to eat from my own plates, in my own home, and use my own fairy liquid to clean the stains from my plates?
And secondly, whilst i am obviously not the target audience for such a service (poor, under 25, a good 300 miles north of the culinary haven of london), any one who would use this service i imagine is likely to be able to afford the real deal - if you can afford the real deal, why would you settle for less? because i think under all the ease and comfort of eating haute cuisine from your own home, restaurant quality food is meant to offer an escape, a luxury not obtainable in the confines of your own 4 walls, and an experience that goes beyond the consumed calories.
The food is only one part of a restaurant experience, and whilst i may enjoy some lovely food, the taste might be some what lacking, a little bit of the sweetness taken away in it being a take away.

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