Friday, 16 September 2011

September Issues

I am sat in my room, cup of tea in hand and i can see the trees blowing outside, dappled in sunlight and in the process of turning that golden brown colour, all reds and warmth.
Autumn is most definitely here and it is always so beautiful, opaque tights can once again return and layering is essential, which means investing in coats, digging out cable knit sweaters and if there's time getting the knitting needles out to quickly whip up a scarf.
Fashion aside, food takes a turn at the start of september, all the attention that was paid to summer salads and light fresh flavours is replaced by a longing for anything warming, bowls of steaming soup which can still be enjoyed outside so long as you're wrapped up in a scarf, baked dishes and pies all seem like favourites at this time of year.
I am a self confessed soup lover, and this week have been enjoying bowls and bowls of leek and potato soup. This has been for two reasons, whilst is fulfils my longing for something homely, it also fits in to the long running battle between my culinary desires vs my monetary possibilities. If i could it would be likely i'd be making a recipe out of my newly acquire Bocca cook book, however lavish cuts of meat don't exactly fit into my current budget and would also not do wonders for my waist line. So every few weeks I go on something I am ashamed to call the 'pov diet' - cheap food with healthy results. Thus with some stock left over from a roast dinner my flatmate very kindly cooked last sunday, I sweated off some onions and leeks threw in some potatoes and stock and left to simmer away for a while. The £2 that I spent on veg (I have the most amazing + cheap grocery shop at the end of my street) fed 2 hungry and tired workers after dinner AND lunch for the next 3 days.
Now I'm not dietician expert but I don't have leek and potato soup down in my list of foods to eat infrequently. Even with the large amounts of butter I used to cook the leeks in, it was a healthy option and I am trying to fight the hopeless battle against my own body that as the weather gets colder my body must respond by getting bigger.
My bank balance could work the effects out for itself, and responded by buying a new coat. 

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