Sunday, 9 October 2011

Eating on a Week Night

After that long hot spell we had last week, autumn has officially returned in proper again,hurrah. Which means I can get back to eating hearty food and wrapping myself in blankets with cups of tea, all the things i do best really. in the heat i just get irritable, uncomfortable and grouchy at being too hot.
After a relaxing weekend, and a bit too much to drink I didn't quite manage a sunday roast, rather a monday night roast was called for. This has its plus points and also some major disadvantages. Starting the week with a big plate of pork belly + crispy crackling was certainly a good thing, however getting in from work at half 6 and having to make a roast was a bit too much after a stressful start to the week. Eating at 9 left me face down in my food by the end of it - there should be laws against consuming that much pork that late at night.

Exceeding my allocated meat quota on a monday night meant that I had to be a little more inventive for the rest of the week. Fishcakes are one of my favourite things to make and although you might not think so, fit in perfectly to the pov diet. The pork belly roast also does - a cut of meat big enough to fed two people and have left overs for only 3 pounds, the fish cakes had a grand total of 2 pounds and were fresh, healthy and very very tasty.
My only problem with the fishcakes was my own impatient. Sometimes during work I will give in to all my cravings and snack constantly on biscuits and whatever treats I can sniff out in the office. Other days I will come home ravenous and want to eat that second. Sadly for making fish cakes this isn't ideal as after boiling and mashing the potatoes and mixing all your other ingredients together and making neat little patties they should sit in the fridge for a couple of hours so they keep their shape when cooking.
Can you see where this is going? Yes my fish cakes became fish flakes and I was left with a frying pan of potato-fish mix - still delicious but less aesthetically pleasing. When I have made these fish cakes before I have only coated them in flour, however this time I decided to give them a crispy breadcrumb coating. This would have worked slightly better and possibly (definitely) contributed to the failings of the cakes by trying to bind them with milk as we were out of eggs.
Either way, i used cod trimmings from the market (only a pound for a big bag) and potatoes then to flavour, a red chilli, lemon, coriander, ginger & garlic, this was served with a tomato salsa (tomatoes, garlic, chilli, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice). A lighter option for an evening, and didn't result in eating past half 8 (in other words, past my bed time)

Yes, i took the picture of the only fish cake to remain fully formed and pretending they all turned out perfectly.
After rushing about all week - work and various other commitments, it was a lovely treat to come home to the other half preparing a very naughty, very comforting meal of crispy sautéed potatoes and home made chicken kievs. I will save the details of this for another occasion but its safe to say I felt like I had had a circular food journey during the week and returned back to massive plates of meat. the salad was the only saving grace for my arteries.

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