Tuesday, 11 October 2011

i cook in a flatshare

Some food bloggers have issues with small kitchens. Some may cook out of caravans. Some might have to deal with screaming kids whilst getting their culinary kicks.

My predicament is far worse than all of these - the complicated curse of the shared kitchen. You may have planned to cook something sumptuous and think all the way home about it planning your preparations down to the smallest detail. You then enter your house and realise your flatmate doesn't live by the same cleanliness standards as you and their are dirty plates/cups/pans (enter appropriate crockery item) all over the kitchen and debris of cat food on the floor (we don't even own a cat). And to make matters worse someones eaten all your butter and used the posh olive oil. All your plans go out the window and you curl up in your room dreaming of gleaming surfaces and fully stocked cupboards.

My flatmates aren't the worst, I haven't actually seen 2 of the 3 of them ever eat, and i mean ever. And i've lived there for almost 2 months now. But as well as the challenge of a shared kitchen, there is the challenge I have of being a very unprepared cook. I only own a frying pan and a wok, a set of knives and a chopping board (it's one of those really fun foldy ones from Joseph Joseph). If i were to set my kitchen up to fulfil all my culinary desires, well firstly there just wouldn't be room, and secondly i'd break my bank balance - this would include things like pasta makers which aren't necessarily essential but every day items like whisks, baking tins and a decent cast iron casserole dish are all missing from our kitchen.

With items like this missing, it makes certain recipes slightly more difficult, a sort of make shift cooking has been born, where what you have has to do, and thats not normally the case in cook books.

So whilst other cooking blogs might take their photos against hand varnished dining tables on cutest plates and bowls, I will make do with my £1.25 ikea plates and cook my creations in my nasty flat share kitchen.  in the north. on a budget.

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