Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Special (Easy) Dinner

There is always a meal you associate with one person, it can be for many reasons - like my good friend Jack, he is forever in my head linked with mince in its various guises, because well whenever he has cooked for me its been made from mince. This meal is mine and the boyfriends 'thing', if i were to ever eat it in the future i'd more than likely think of him (lets hope fondly)
On friday night, the heat had all got a little bit too much, and I wanted something light and fresh and summery to see the summer off in style. I entered our local market to buy some pork belly, realising this was an unwise choice on a very stuffy day and being slightly distracted by the fish counter, i left with two very reasonably priced and pleasingly sized fillets of sea bass (£4.20 for those who want to know). I bought these on a whim, but I instantly knew what I was going to make with them.
The boyfriend and i first made this dish together what seems like a very long time ago now, but in reality it isn't even a year ago (freak out) and is a beautiful italian dish of classical flavours but that are all so easy to pick up - I mean really basic fridge and cupboard staples.
You throw some tomatoes, basil, garlic, rocket, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil together - all diced very finely the boyfriend has to constantly remind me, pan fry the sea bass fillets in butter seasoned with salt and pepper, and serve with fresh linguine. All in all this meal can take 10 minutes to make - perfect for those occasions and days when cooking in a tiny, filthy kitchen is the last thing you want to do.

And I cleverly made the most of the left over ingredients the next day with a rocket, tomato, basil and feta (used for roast veg and cous cous on thursday evening) to make a tasty little salad number - we have some amazing balsamic reductions in the cupboard currently so they finished it all off perfectly.


  1. The fish looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Thanks! it was you should try it, really easy and quick to make.


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