Saturday, 15 October 2011

What came first, the egg or the scotch egg? + A trip to The Broad Chare

I was reading The Sunday Times Style Magazine the other week (normally I am a regular Guardian/Observer reader but i fancied an overwhelming amount of supplements) and as i flicked casually to the style metre, the whats what of hotness, what did I see there in the upper echelons, to my amazement the humble scotch egg. Apparently they're sexy now. I think they might have been reinvented by some London types, you know the sort.

I can't say I had ever actually eaten a scotch egg before, but me and the other half have a joke about how they are the food of choice for dole scum, who sit around in their dirty string vests, scratching their balls, eating beetroot straight from the jar. I can joke about this because at the time the other half was a member of this illustrious full time club. It would appear this image of the scotch egg is (sadly) no more, now being served up as bar snacks and starters in the best of gastro pubs.

I had an experience at such gastro pub just last night, after popping into The Broad Chare for a swift pint and was tempted to try out their much acclaimed bar snacks, we were originally tempted by the pork crackling but as they were out of those we thought we'd go for the scotch egg. Lovely it was too, still soft in the middle, fresh from the fryer, a lovely peppery taste in the bread crumbs, and a thick layer of meat.

The Broad Chares Scotch Egg

We had thought the pub would have more draught ales but the 4 or 5 they did have were well chosen, local favourites, and there were plenty of bottles too after I had surveyed the extensive menu. What's better I have now found out where the yuppies of Newcastle hang out after work, and this is amazing people watching. The decor was also lovingly put together, flag stone floors and painted wood, frosted glass and leather snugs. The toilets also got major thumbs up. I will definitely be attempting to get a proper meal there some time soon.  

So whilst I have had a bit of a slightly off topic from the humble egg with all this talk of posh pubs, The Broad Chare's was the second scotch egg I have ever eaten. The first was of my own creation, deep fried by my own slightly paranoid hands. 

First you have to boil the eggs for around 5-6 minutes depending on the size of your egg and how runny you want it. They should then be immediately plunged into cold water, so the yolk stops cooking. The next step is peeling (very important, not to be missed unless you like a crunch) then each egg should be dusted with flour, coated with a layer of sausage meat, then coated in flour, egg and then breadcrumbs. 

That sounds pretty arduous but was actually very easy to do, then the last stage is the deep frying. Heat the oil in a tall sided pan to 180 degrees, and place the eggs in for 7 minutes.

When they come out, cut in half and you should have something utterly beautiful like this. Very runny yolks, perfect when they are being eaten pipping hot.

One of the tastiest things I had eaten in a long time. My cravings for deep fried foods has certainly been awoken. 

Maybe i'll deal with them with a few more trips to The Broad Chare. 

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