Saturday, 4 February 2012

Review: The Butterfly Cabinet, Heaton

Ah The Butterfly Cabinet, home of the hungover student on weekend mornings and a bastion of the cutesy, kitsch looking cafe. Before being reincarnated as The Butterfly Cabinet, it was called Belle and Herbs and had a strong reputation for doing the best breakfasts and American pancakes in town. I once tried to visit after foolishly trying to complete the Withnail and I drinking game but had to leave after ordering only tea and apple juice as it was very likely I was going to be sick, everywhere.

Whilst that trip might sound pretty disastrous, what with the lack of consuming any food or drink, but my first trip a couple of months back wasn't a great deal better - slow service, uncomfortable table and after being rather unimpressed with the quality of my fried breakfast I then discovered a hair in my beans. My waitress then asked if she should take the hair out so I could carry on eating. I despaired.

But we were with friends, in need of sustenance and The Butterfly Cabinet is so wonderfully located just at the end of our street. And yes, the decor is fashionable mis-matched but it pulls it off very well with an authenticity and if you ever go check out the ceiling which really is a work of art.

N.B mis-matched furniture however, as good as it may look you have to be able to actually use it for it's intended purpose, so I find it's preferable that you are able to put your legs under tables. Hence the bad mood of my first visit.

We were hungry and the cafe was, as ever, heaving so the service can be excused for being a little on the slow side (I think our food took about 45 minutes) but they were polite and friendly. We arrived at 1, breakfasts are served all day and lunch from 11am. This meant many, many potential options .

I thought I should carry on my venture for the best burger, and I had been recommended this place by several people. I went for the Ron Burgendy (£8.50), firstly because that is a fantastic meat pun and the fact it was the largest thing on the menu, a 10oz meat patty, bacon, cheese, chefs sauce, onion marmalade and lettuce.

The Butterfly Cabinet, Ron Burgendy, £8.50

It arrives looking towering but most of the height was just lettuce, an excessive amount of lettuce once removed the burger resembled a more manageable height. It was a nice burger, i'd go so far to say a good burger, very satisfying at the time and the onion marmalade and 'chefs sauce' gave it a really distinct flavour but the meat didn't have the juicy redness I love so much. For £8.50 and with that many chips it's definitely a good buy however. A little less lettuce would be nice, a full gherkin instead of two measly little slices.

Other buys at The Butterfly Cabinet included the Breakfast of Champions (£8.50) which had beans, bacon, sausage, black pudding AND white pudding, hash browns, potato scones, eggs and fried bread. An unbelievable amount of food, you'll have to excuse the protruding nose at the side of this picture

Breakfast of Champions, Butterfly Cabinet, £8.50

With a cup of tea my lunch or technically brunch as I was yet to eat that day, although I don't know if a burger can count as brunch, came to £10.20 which seems reasonable. Especially as no extra hair was included with my portion this time.

Our table looked like this once we had finished, and I didn't eat for the rest of the day.

Empty plates at The Butterfly Cabinet

The Butterfly Cabinet, 200 Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5HP, (0191) 2659920 Breakfasts served all day, lunch menu from 11am 

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