Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review: 9 Bar Coffee, Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Newcastle

9 Bar Coffee, Newcastle
There's somewhere new in town, isn't that exciting? And it has this 'cool, distressed, hipster' vibe about it, even better. Like some sort of Italian coffee bar meets a brooklyn diner.

I might sound like i'm being a little tongue in cheek (which I am - well observed) but only because I am that 'faux hipster' looking for somewhere good to get a sandwich and a decent cup of coffee and if the inside is aesthetically pleasing, all the better. 9 Bar Coffee is a very welcome addition to Newcastle's cafe scene even if the stools had obviously come straight out of a high school science classroom.

If you are interested, the designs and interior, which is a series of layered, faded posters, are done by Reluctant Hero. They do good stuff.

Despite its name, I sadly can't tell you anything about the quality of the coffee although I have heard from reliable sources who are educated in such matters that it is very good. The other half wanted a beer, which I got id'd ordering, you wouldn't think an up market coffee bar would be the sort of place underage drinkers would try and frequent but then again I don't know the youth of today. I don't even know who or what 'Rizzle Kicks' are. I even had to google that to check I spelt it right.

Anyway the troubles of ordering drinks aside, we turned our attention to the black board and some incredibly tempting sounding sandwiches. The sourdough cheese toastie almost had me, I am a sucker for a proper grilled cheese sandwich but I opted for the Sweet Sausage Spuntino.

Sweet Sausage Spuntino,  £4.25, 9 Bar Coffee, 
With two meaty pork and fennel sausages, slices of buffalo mozzarella and caramelised onions sat between a crispy sour dough bun. I could barely get my mouth around it and the juices oozed all down my sleeves as I hungrily crammed it in with glee. Napkins were requested. However if this was the sweet spuntino, I worry to think what would have happened if I'd ordered the spicy, even this sandwich had a fiery kick to it.

The other half ordered what we thought came as a sandwich but was actually two golden, deep fried rice balls stuffed with a beef ragu and pecorino cheese. To give his balls their proper name they were the Arancini Puguese if you fancy ordering them.

Arancini Puguese, £3.75, 9 Bar Coffee

I'd never tried anything like this before and it was wholly refreshing to see something different on a cafe menu. We ordered the large and although they might not look like much, were very dense and filling so much so that the filling of cheese and ragu was lost amongst all the rice. Unlike the sandwich, they were a little lacking in the meat department but the tomato dipping sauce was sweet and tangy.

Our lunch at 9 Bar Coffee came to just over £12, but if you want a sandwich you can actually fit in a normal sized human mouth they offer smaller options.

Don't go for these though, the foods too good, the prices are reasonable and that's not the 'hipster' way. Stuff your face with a spuntino and leave feeling all the better for it.

9 Bar Coffee, Theatre Royal, 100 Grey Street, Newcastle, 08448 11 21 21. You can see the food menu here.


  1. Unfortunately, otherwise interesting content is somewhat undermined by poor grammar (its / it's and their / there) and unchecked typos (drinks = drinkers)
    However, this generation are more in touch with what's happening in the Toon. So, I'll keep an eye on this blog.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for the grammar report, all corrected. If you want to proof read all my posts for me that would be great, I'm sure they're littered with errors as well!

    2. Sorry - couldn't help it. That was the first and last time - I accept it's rather rude as I'm neither your English teacher or'mate'. I do like the style and find your reviews extremely interesting.


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