Saturday, 10 March 2012

Review: Slices, Pizza By The Slice, Grainger Market, Newcastle

I work in the centre of town and although I try to be good and organised and bring packed lunches to work with me (most regularly mediocre soup) there are days when I forget/can't be bothered/have no food in the house and if i'm honest want to treat myself to something a little naughty. As I spend about 75% of my day looking and writing about food (the other 25% is spent look at cat videos and cute animals) by lunch time I am inevitably starving and have serious cravings for good food.

I think I can say without any hesitation or doubt that Slices in the Grainger Market is the best food you can buy in town for under £2. Hell, it's some of the best food you can buy in town full stop. It is my regular port of call on forgotten lunch days, the only thing that ever puts me off are how long the queues are.
Slices, Grainger Market - best pizza in town 

You can spot the pizza dough being made freshly in the background, before being topped and popped in the ovens then served fresh by the slice, with usually 3 or 4 flavours on offer.

A couple of summers ago I went travelling around Europe and one of the best things was stumbling along the sea front in Split at some ridiculous time in the morning and being able to pick up huge slices of fresh pizza on the way back to our ridiculously tiny hostel, ditto in peculiar alleyways in Berlin and Budapest. So easy, cheap and tasty. It basically kept me fuelled for a very messy 5 weeks of my life.

Slices, Ham and Mushroom, £1.90

The dough is wonderfully chewy, loaded with plenty of cheese and oregano and a scattering of ham and mushroom - they had sadly just sold the last of the Spicy Sausage and Onion pizza. Plus, it's made by a real life Italian so you know you're going to get the good stuff.

Slices, which is located at the top of Aisle 4, has been established for a while, at least two years  - I used to pick up a slice and take it to the other half as a treat when he was working in Beatdown Records, endlessly filing away second hand obscure 80s hardcore in the windowless back room  - and it has a reputation for the best pizza in town, hence the huge queues. But I've noticed recently that Grainger market is no longer just good for picking up your fruit and veg - a fresh fish and chip stand has opened with tempura prawns and spicy crab noodles (really must try this place out) and the The French Oven serves wonderful looking pies and pastries, plus all sorts of freshly baked bread and colourful macarons.

Street food is everywhere in  London, and it would be amazing to see some of this trickling up to Newcastle, fast, high quality take away lunches from all sorts of cuisines. The Grainger market located right in the centre of town + offering cover so you don't have to queue in the rain is surely the perfect location? It certainly seems the city is wakeing up the potential of decent priced, quality food.

I'll happily fill my face with pizza from Slices, then run up and down the stairs lots at work 'looking busy' to burn off all the calories in the afternoon.

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