Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spring Graze, 7th May

Now I'm not one for public service announcements and saying what's on when and being all organised, but Spring Graze is a one-off chance for guaranteed deliciousness and I don't want anyone missing out on that.

You might have heard me bang on about the scotch eggs at The Broad Chare or some pub called The Feather's Inn out in the countryside you'll probably never get out to because you're a broke student or you haven't got a car.

But get yourself down to NorthumberlandTennis Club in Jesmond for Spring Graze and you can sample these delights and a whole lot more. You all like food don't you?

Organised by The Grazer who writes this fantastic blog under the same name, it's on May 7th which as any working person will know is one of our wonderful bank holidays - and don't worry, it's inside just incase this frankly terrible weather carries on.

If you go down, look out for me - i'll be the one in the corner with pockets full of pork pies.

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