Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Banh Mi Bliss from 102 Street Food

So i've been reading about these amazing vietnamese sandwiches called Banh Mi's offered by street food stalls in London, (along with all the ribs, burgers and kimichi you could ever dream of) and I thought 'I gotta get me some of that shit'. Incase you're wondering why the obscene turn of phrase, I've been watching A LOT of The Wire recently and have started talking to myself like I'm Clay Davis. For anyone who hasn't watched The Wire, he sounds like this.

My delusions about being a corrupt politician in West Baltimore aside, a Banh Mi is a traditional Vietnames sandwich  - the name originating for the term for bread when it was introduced by the French in colonial times. It can involve lots of different meats, most usually pork or chicken, traditional Vietnames ham, and pate, plus coriander, cucumber, pickled carrots, hot chillies and chilli sauce. You're getting the idea that this is one tasty sandwich I imagine.

So, when I turned the corner the other saturday and discovered a street food stall selling such sandwiches I was a little happy to say the least. It was part of the Highbridge Street Festival and it was nice to see one of my favourite streets in town a hive of activity. Previously I wrote a none to glowing (or critical) review of Little Saigon but did praise the small dishes and traditional snacks they do. This stand was from their kitchens and is called 102 Vietnamese Street Food and was spot on, authentic deliciousness. Exactly what I think Newcastle needs and from the crowds around their stand, there is certainly the demand.

The leaflet they gave me implied this was going to become a regular occurrence, my lunch times are looking up if so.

Banh Mi, 102, Vietnamese Street Food
The sandwiches came in a number of different varieties, but I opted for the BBQ pork which was sticky and sweet, hot from the grill with a hint of chilli, and also included a large slice of ham (it's sticking out in the picture looking like tomatoes) then some spiced mayo sauce, fresh chillies and pepper and coleslaw, coriander stalks and carrot. The bread was crisp and warm. Everything it should be and it cost £1.95, an absolute bargin. 

Newcastle can be pretty good at this street food stuff, now we just need an amazing burger van. 

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