Saturday, 15 September 2012

Urban Night Feast 27th-29th Sept

After I posted about Spring Graze, I got a little kick out of hearing from people who might not have heard about it (looking at you, students) and went along and bought bits and pieces from some of our local talents.

Well, I am even more excited about the upcoming Urban Night Feast and couldn't not tell you all about it. Events like this have been going on for the last couple of years in London and thankfully are gradually making their way further North. UNF is the baby of Maunika Gowardhan, a North-east based private chef and food writer, and if you're ever looking for incredible, authentic Indian recipes you should totally check her website out.

To give you the important details - it's on over the 27th-29th September at The Boiler Shop at The Robert Stephenson Centre and entrance is FREE. And yes, you might be thinking that sounds like a pretty obscure location, but in reality it's just behind the train station (more details here) and it's all the better for being in a little hidden nook of town.

There are 12 confirmed traders currently, lots of familiar local faces - Broad Chare, David Kennedy, Ouseburn Coffee and Wylam Brewery, plus a tasty seafood double hander from Latimer's and Riley's Fish Shack complete with bike BBQ.

But the traders i'm most excited for are from further afield and in particular The Ribman. Christ, I cannot wait to stuff one of his rib rolls into my mouth. A linchpin of the London street food scene, and recent Young British Foodie winner, he sells his ribs on Brick Lane every sunday as well as being part of the Eat St. collective. He arrives at around 2 in the morning to fire up his BBQ so by lunch time there are racks of succulent, juicy, tender rib meat. Oh i'm drooling just thinking about it. He also produces his own chilli sauces - Holy Fuck and Christ on a Bike, as you can guess from the names they are HOT.

I can't see how after hearing that you wouldn't be convinced to go, but there will also be tasty Mexican from El Kantina (think pulled pork sliders), Indian street food from Honk Ok Please, and Catalan cooking from Rachel McCormack.

And students, remember when you reassured your parents you'd eat well during term time - this will definitely be the tastiest way to spend that fresh wad of loan that will just have hit your bank accounts.

If you'd like to find out more, check out the Urban Night Feast website or follow them on twitter at @urbannightfeast

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  1. Looking forward to this muchly, and more now I know the ribman is coming up from that there London. Galling having to watch Lorraine Pascal bang on about his wares with no chance of partaking; no more!


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