Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fries & Dolls Filthy Sandwiches, Quayside Market, Newcastle

I want to talk to you about filthy food. Dirty, greasy, sexy sandwiches that ooze their juices all over you. There's few things more pleasurable than eating something that makes you feel so disgustingly guilty.

Filthy food is the 'thing' at the moment, what with all the ribs, burgers and fried chicken places that seem to be opening (sadly not up north) plying us with all those foods we were told not to eat when younger. Given that having those cans of beans which had tiny sausages in was considered a treat when I was younger, the filthy sandwiches I discovered this weekend would have been some serious contraband.

Saturday night had been spent at Tusk Festival, a face shredding experience of noise and gin and sunday morning I was in a bad place, wanting nothing more than to spend 3 weeks in a silent room. After recovering enough to both dress and wash myself I was overcome with autumn joy at the beautiful weather, the fact I could once walk again and that I was heading to the quayside after having been tipped off about some dirty sandwiches.

At this point I was craving, needing, something greasy to sit in my fragile stomach and did a little cry at the idea of fries, slaw, melted cheese, pancetta and salami in a sandwich. Fries and Dolls must be a new pitch at the Quayside market, run by a friendly young girl, but seemed to be popular having sold out of pulled BBQ chicken, and stood out with its quirky 50s decor and bright pink tent.

The sandwiches were all prepared fresh, with fries made in a little chip pan, all hot and crispy and more than a little greasy (a good thing obvs). Thick slices of soft white bloomer, salad, slaw and fries are standard then your choice of meat. The other half, who was also in a bad way, had a reuben which although lacking in lots of its classic element was definitely a hit. My pancetta and salami number disappeared in a minutes.

The filthy sandwich and autumn sunshine combo has secured its place on my must-have hangover cures.

Fries and Dolls was at the Sunday Quayside Market. I was in no state to find out any more details than that, sorry. 

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