Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In Search of Clever TV Cooking or Why Eggs Shouldn't Go Through Sieves

Questions that I regularly think when watching cookery shows, and know I'm not alone as I see them repeated on twitter, are why does it always have to be about fast and simple recipes or super quick and easy suppers?

Lots of people that watch cookery shows will want simple recipes that answer the problem of week night dinners, but then lots of people that watch cookery shows don't actually want to cook either. We hear about all these people watching Nigella and the like whilst sitting down to their microwave meals, surely if the majority have no intention of actually making a recipe but simply want entertainment they'd be happy seeing something rather fantastical being created. After all, hardly any of us would attempt to make our own marshmallow tea cakes but the Great British Bake Off seems popular enough.

Even if this were too specific an interest for the main channels week night out put you might think you could find something of this ilk on the Food Network or similar but there it's even more dire with all sorts of INSANE American chefs. I saw a woman dressing a salad by pushing a boiled egg through a sieve the other day. an egg. through a sieve. onto a salad. just think about that for a minute.

The latest in this string of mind numbingly simple cookery shows is Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. If i hear Jamie Oliver say wazz, wooz or any other made up words whilst using a blender again I will scream. We are adults, we understand how machines work, you do not have to talk to us like we are babies. I'm also adult enough to know that if I want something nice I won't be able to make my dinner in 15 minutes, I have electric hobs, my pans are sort of dodgy, NOTHING HEATS UP THAT FAST.

Whilst I'm ranting, I may as well go all out, do you know what else gets right on my goat?  'O this is a super simple week night dinner, all I need is a can of chick peas, and this duck breast I just had lying around in the fridge', said no one in the real world, ever. It might be a quick dinner but i'm pretty sure most of us won't just have some duck breasts left over in the fridge, and most probably can't shell out on these for your average week night dinner. Yes Nigel Slater although I actually quite like your show, I am looking at you.

If i'm interested enough to watch food tv, it's likely I also want to eat good food. Obviously not in every case but good food often takes longer to make and cook than 15 minutes and do you know what, that's ok with me.

So what i'm looking for is a cookery programme that goes into the detail of cooking, the method and science behind why some things work and others won't, interesting recipes that take some time to prepare, or slow cooked dishes that might not be complex but are perfect for lazy sunday afternoons. Sure this might not be week night cooking but why does it have to be? It's alright to admit, this is a recipe you'll maybe only want to do twice a year but when you do it will be incredible or you'll have to get your ingredients ready the day before but you're an organised grown up, it's likely you've got the good sense to manage that.

I'll admit this isn't your mainstream food show, but it must be time for some intelligent cooking.

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