Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dining in the Dark at The Living Room, Newcastle

A couple of years ago when I was in Berlin at the start of my travels across Europe we thought about going to a restaurant we'd heard about where you had to eat in the dark as it apparently increased your taste sensation of the food. Of course we went out and got drunk instead and considered eating take away chips in the street in the dark ALMOST the same thing and forgot all about it. So I was rather intrigued to receive an invitation to a dining in the dark dinner event at The Living Room on Grey Street in Newcastle.

I hadn't quite realised when I attended that I wasn't simply going to get to eat some nice food in the dark, this was apparently serious quizzing time. After eating each item we had to answer various questions about it. I didn't do terribly, getting over half, but I didn't win either. As a 'food blogger' I suppose I should feel a little ashamed at my lack of distinguished palette. I'll blame it on all those burgers and ribs i've been eating lately.

Moroccan Lamb at The Living Room,  pictures supplied by PR

I wouldn't say eating without being able to see meant I could taste the food any better although the quiz element did mean you had to consider the flavours and ingredients more. There is certainly something unsettling about putting unknown things into your mouth, no one really likes surprises in that area do they. Luckily most of the dishes were pleasant, particularly the pork and chorizo burger and the Moroccan lamb both of which are on The Living Room's new menu.

Pork and Chorizo Burger
Although a fun night with a healthy dose of competition, food isn't just about taste, it is intended to be visual (as the beautiful shot pictures supplied by the PR prove), we get enjoyment from the intricate plating of a dish and beautiful presentation and being blind folded meant you missed out on all of that. Whilst you might  have a heightened sense of taste, that doesn't necessarily mean it's tastier, and that's the most important thing surely.

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