Friday, 28 December 2012

The Meals That Made 2012: Blog Round Up

It's that period between Christmas and New Year where you aren't really sure what day it is, often if it's afternoon or morning and all your meals have blurred into one long over indulgent haze of meat, cheese and Celebrations.

Putting that uncomfortably full feeling aside for one second, and in a bid to ignore the annual period of repentance otherwise known as January that is fast approaching, I've had a look back over my posts from the year and here's my collection of my favourite meals, the best new openings in Newcastle and things that have made me feel good about food.

9 Bar Coffee

9 Bar Coffee, Grey Street, Newcastle
Possibly my favourite new opening of the year, and definitely the place I've gone back to the most times (aside from maybe Slice), 9 Bar Coffee is now my regular weekend lunch stop for all things grilled cheese, large sausage and coffee related. The only issue we find now is managing to get a bloody table, but I still love its miniature interior and well designed Italian charms.

Brewdog Newcastle

Not a company known for being shy or retiring, Brewdogs opening early in the summer certainly made an impact, and not just on my liver and bank balance. The craft beer and real ale scene is ever popular in Newcastle, with more than a handful of places offering a well researched list of bottles and ales on tap. Whilst Brewdog might loose a few points for its lack of local choice, for a couple of months you would seldom find me anywhere else.

Jesmond Dene House

A change of pace and style for me, i.e. no burgers and pints, Jesmond Dene House was a night of luxury 'fine dining' in a league of its own in the north east. Melting chocolate spheres, tender beef fillets and our own stylish secret hideaway in the eaves, i'd recommend it to anyone looking for something a little special. Next year I will definitely try their afternoon tea.

Caffe Vivo

Caffe Vivo is now my favourite restaurant in Newcastle. Well it's maybe tied with The Broad Chare, but either way it has become a steadfast choice after taking a little trip for my birthday and trying their 1kg sharing steak. We couldn't resist going back a few weeks later and found the lamb chops, and venison ragu just as pleasing, not to forget the huge ice cream coppas and cicchetti. It is the perfect mix of wonderful, refreshing flavours and food in a laid back atmosphere. When I see the rich quayside bankers dining in their at lunch whilst i'm off to Tesco to buy a can of tomato soup it almost makes me think I should sell my soul and work in insurance.

The Grazer's Pop-up Supper Club

And finally for something completely different, I absolutely loved Anna (The Grazer's) pop up supper club in the newly opened Ouse Street Art's Club. Like this years Urban Night Feast, it showed that the north east really is an interesting and exciting place for food and drink. Using the Joe Beef cookbook we are both huge fans of as inspiration, Anna cooked up pulled pork, special beans, apple chips and a smorgasbord of starters all in the cosy confines of some shipping containers.

Let me know what you're favourite openings and places to visit were in 2012, and where I should be trying in 2013. 


  1. aww the supper club sounds amazing! Great choices, I still need to try Vivo though!

    Hannah xx

  2. Hi Polly, I'm in the process of moving to Newcastle and came across your blog while checking out restaurants for my 'to do' list. First up, you have a lovely and genuinely entertaining blog, which I'll be bookmarking on my own Secondly, thanks for this post - it will be acting as a ready made list to start me off! I look forward to reading your 2013 posts. Fay

    1. Hi!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Let me know if you need any other suggestions for places to eat once you move, ill make sure to check out your blog too.


  3. Defo need to try Caffe Vivo, and looking forward to catching one of 2013's Supper Clubs! Great piece. x


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