Saturday, 16 February 2013

Put A Egg On It Magazine

I think Put A Egg On It might be one of my new favourite magazines. The other half gets all sorts of underground punk and black metal fanzines produced by people in their bedrooms all over the world, and Put A Egg On It reminds me of them, except less angry.

I've also been putting eggs on lots of things recently, beans, tomatoes, spinach, so I'm taking it at as a sign.

I like most of the things I appreciate in life, Put A Egg On It is fun, and funny. Made out of New York, it has lovely little stories, and tales of food from half forgotten memories and recipes that tell me something about a world I'm yet to experience from a culture I'll hopefully one day know well. It represents a life full of food and experiences I really want one day soon but that's a story for another day.

The latest issue of Put A Egg On It, #6, features a picture diary of one man's pursuit to record all the cans of sardines that he eats, messy kitchens the world over, a guy called Roy's reminiscence of Porkie's pork rinds (I imagine similar to our own scampi fries, a personal favourite of mine) and a compendium of incredible they-don't-make-them-like-that-over-here epic sandwiches.

Sandwiches, although invented by that old English earl, are just not given the respect they deserve in the UK. A sandwich is not a vessel for flaccid ham and sweaty cheese, a sandwich should not be resigned to cardboard packets in supermarket fridges, it should be celebrated in all it's diverse, carefully compiled wonder. The sandwich is the mixtape of the food world, you need a solid start and end but what you put in between tells each man's own story.

Although we have to draw boundaries somewhere and whoever created lasagna sandwiches is a twisted freak.

I'm particularly keen to try the Milanesa in Put A Egg On It, a sandwich involving steak, panko breadcrumbs and chipotle aioli and unlike my other favourite American food magazine Lucky Peach I can actually source ingredients for most of these recipes. There's cute drawings and tips dotted about full of puns. And I love a good pun, I am so terrible at making them myself it's a skill in other people I greatly admire. That and people who know actually understand how the internet works.

I'm not sure where you can pick up a copy over here, but like everything you can order Put A Egg On It online from their website.

(Also whilst googling their website I found a blog which hasn't been updated in years but has photos of someone putting eggs on all their food. Isn't the internet great?)

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