Monday, 15 July 2013

Coppers 8 til 8, Specialist Food and Drink Emporium, Gosforth, Newcastle

Not having a car, or being able to drive, can at times, totally suck.

In my day to day life it's totally unnecessary, my work and the city centre being a short walk away. However there are other times, the times when you want to fill up your flat with delicious beers or go to nice farm shops, that being without transport can prove somewhat irksome.

Coppers 8 til 8 is basically the best, most incongruously place corner shop-come-beer-heaven you're likely to find. Not just in the North East, but i'd say anywhere in the country. The fact it's (at least to me and my sense of the city) in the middle of frikking no where, somewhere past Gosforth, a tiny bit irritating.

That we found ourselves in a car on Saturday, purposefully driving to this strange suburban, alcoholic paradise was somewhat of a nice surprise.

Once you're past the fruit and veg, crisps and freezer counters and other every day sundries, a small back room houses a plentiful and incredibly well stocked selection of beers and ciders from around the world. Like a really, really good selection.

Beer cellar at Coppers 8 til 8
We were offered samples of cider, one nice and refreshing, the other, at least to my tastes, was similar to milky cheese. The people who run Coppers were super friendly and super informed, advising on new stock, what to buy and any other info beer nerds like to discuss.

We stocked up on a fair few beers, including a rather amazing Thornbridge Chiron American Pale and a couple from Partisan, and local favourites Anarchy Brew Co, and compared with other shops we've come across found it really reasonably priced. It seemed to have a dedicated following, while we were browsing a string of middle aged men, all who announced they'd arrived in cars, stocked up baskets of beer.

You can find Coppers 8 til 8 on twitter where they regularly post what new stock is coming in and what they have on taster. I'd definitely recommend a drive out to wherever it is they are based (which is actually 17 Princes Road, Gosforth, NE3 5TT). Now, can someone buy me a car?


  1. Have you tried Rehills in Jesmond for a good beer selection? easy to get to on the bus! x

    1. Although Coopers is reasonable I have to agree with Cate in that Rehills beats it hands down. I have never seen such a varied and extensive selection of spirits anywhere. Their food selection isn't bad either! A great place for a foodie rummage!!


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