Sunday, 8 September 2013

Review: Ernest, Ouseburn, Newcastle

As you may be able to tell, I only like to write about things I like. Or at least I feel strongly about. I don't want to write posts after every meal I have out that say "I went here, and ate this, and ordered that and it was all very pleasant", because that's boring, for me and for you.

I like to make a story out of a meal. I don't want to be a helpful source of information, rather something you read occasionally cause there's a slim chance I might be slightly amusing. So if I haven't been blogging (which I haven't as of late), it's because I'm 1) terribly lazy 2) ludicrously busy 3) don't want to bore you when I don't have anything interesting to say to keep up my 'blog impressions and view counts' because if that's why you're blogging, you're doing it wrong.

Anyway, I do have something to say, about somewhere I really liked. Which I would have blogged about a month ago, but point 1 stipulated above came into play.

I've always said Newcastle needs more casual places and bars to eat where you can grab a drink and some food and relax, preferably with some space so you can fit lots of friends round a table. Ernest, in the Ouseburn, is just such a place. Its got a cool, quirky decor without it looking like some conceptual brand designer put it together for them. Look out for the awesome Star Wars figurines. It's not a pub, but it's not a restaurant either, and sits happily somewhere in between.

I've been to Ernest a couple of times just for drinks, and it's a very nice place to spend an evening, music and vibes and an ok, although no means fantastic, selection of drinks. The food I've tried on more recent visits however made me pay much more attention. There was flatbreads i.e. pizzas with interesting combo toppings like gruyere and pancetta, and spiced lamb and pine nuts. Good dressed side salad too.

This latest visit to Ernest was pretty much the best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Breakfast dishes served all day, good company. I opted for a build your own breakfast deal which included bacon, herby sausages, perfectly poached eggs, rainbow rosti which was sort of like shaved vegetable crisps i.e. really good, toasted muffin and homemade beans with a good dose of smokey spice. It came to around £8, which was perfectly reasonable given the premium quality of all the ingredients.

Other breakfast dishes a little different from the usual fare you'd find include this chorizo and potato hash with poached egg and hollandaise, for around £6. It's dishes like this which is why breakfast should really be eaten 3 meals a day.

A good bar, with good food and good people. It's sort of the perfect neighbourhood venue where you can imagine people spending hours reading the papers and easing their selves into the day. Not that I give much consideration to things like this normally, but it also looks like a good place to go with kids, which can't be said of many places in town.

The only problem is, it's not in my neighbourhood.

Ernest is at 1 Boyd Street, Newcastle, NE2 1AP. Their website has limited info, but you can find them on twitter @weareernest

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review regarding Ernest. I will surely taste it's food. I use Ahad Tandoori for lunch/dinner.


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