Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: Six Restaurant, Private Dining Room at BALTIC

When you go away on holiday or to a foreign city and you visit these sights and monuments, that perhaps you are familiar with because they've been recorded in pictures a million times, and you get a sense of really being Somewhere.

The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, The Sydney Opera House for example, these places you know so well before you've even seen them in person and you think imagine living here and getting to see these beautiful, momentous sites every day, so they become just part of the fabric of the city that you call home and loose their iconic value.

The Newcastle Quayside and all of its many bridges is a sight similar to those world famous icons, it is instantly recognisable, and having walked along it most days for a year there's definitely, never, ever going to be a short supply of photos. But most of the time I don't even notice it, the bridges get me to work and could be any steel, functional structure. Then, every so often you look at it and realise 'fuck that is a really special view'.

It's this view that the private box and Six Restaurant at the BALTIC is dining out on.  Those lovely views, lit up at night change a meal into a spectacle, give it a sense of occasion. I was recently invited to the relaunch of the private dining box at a blogger and journo evening, which is the space at the front of the building on Level 5 just below the main restaurant. Apparently I came 'highly recommended' off of Lauren Archer from Scran on the Tyne, and there were a fair few familiar faces there.

I love the BALTIC as a place, it's one of Newcastle's main attractions but have never eaten at Six. The food over the course of a meal was good but by no means the best I've eaten in the city, and because of the weird yellow lighting and my out-right refusal to use flash on food, all my pictures have come out like this:

The pigeon and ham hock terrine had a firm meatiness and a well spiced fig chutney made a balanced accompaniment, but the savoy cabbage coating was limp and wet.

The main course was a plump duck breast, and although I suppose serving 25 plus people at the same time will always make timing difficult it was luck warm at best. There was also a non-descript green puree with it, which I supposed must be pea but just tasted of green-ness.

The pudding was a sweet but not too rich and well textured cheesecake and sorbet with plump blackberries which rounded things off on a high. The wine and champagne had been plentiful and very good all night, always good for me when I overcome my social awkwardness in situations where I don't know people very well with over wrought sarcasm.

Depending on why you'd want to higher a private room for 15 - 25 people, I'm thinking large family affair or corporate event, Six Baltic is a very well suited space. Starting the evening with champagne and canap├ęs, over looking that view, does give your evening a certain memorable, uniquely special feeling. The food, I selected from a menu of 3 options for each course, had enough interesting-but-not-out-there choices to please a wide variety of people and the staff were polite and attentive.

I then had a thought, what would I think if I had this meal, night out and view but wasn't used to seeing it every day? I'd probably have thought, Imagine how nice it would be to see that view everyday and then felt very lucky.

You can find out more (and probably a lot more helpful) details about private dining at Six Baltic and Fresh Element on their website.  


  1. Reckon the food at 6 is pretty good, but they specialise in that thing of charging £3-4 for a veg "side dish" that should really be on the plate in the first place. Plus, you need ask for a table on the good side of the building or you'll be staring into the penthouse flats behind the Baltic all night..

    1. Aye, with the front dining room everyone gets the really good view which is a major plus. Over 3 courses there was lots of food, but could see the desire to have to order a side to go with the main as there were only a couple of potatoes + bits of broccoli with it, but on the whole was really good.

  2. That is strange lighting! Six for me has never really moved on from what McCoy's did on the same site; which is serve pretty uninspiring but well-sourced food at a high price! There is never any part of the meal that makes you want to return, apart from the view!

  3. Yeah, I have always found Six to be massively disappointing, meat over-cooked and service not great.


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